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Perforated Wooden Acoustic Board

These panels are consisting of a laminate finished surface, base core board and black acoustic felt attached on the back. Perforated Wooden Acoustic Panels have longitudinal grooves and rift, machined along the length of the panel.

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Wooden acoustic panels offer a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, improving sound quality while enhancing the visual appeal of any space.


Perforated Wooden acoustic panels can be beneficial in spaces of any size, from small rooms to large venues. Their effectiveness depends on the specific requirements and acoustics of the area in question. The edges of the Composite Acoustic Panels can be tapered cut by a special purpose machine to produce a ‘V’ joint at all four ends, providing a customized look. However, it is important to ensure that the choice of edge customization is approved by the engineer-in-charge or consultant before installation.


Perforated Wooden Acoustic Panels are available in different perforation patterns but we also offer designs as per clients/architect choice to give a different office look which will be different from that of a music hall. Wooden perforated tile control reverberations and give a very good aesthetic look.

Our Perforated Wooden Acoustic Panels effectively absorb frequencies in the low, medium, and high ranges.


Perforated Wooden Acoustic Panels come in a variety of configurations to meet all interior and acoustical requirements, provide balances with visual appearance, sound reflection and absorption through perforations. 

Perforated Wooden Acoustic Panels are  made from high-quality wood that are used to enhance sound quality in different environments. 


Perforated Wooden Acoustic Panels combine the natural beauty of wood with precision engineered perforations in a range of classic patterns while maintaining sound absorption through the patterns.

These panels are widely used in both residential and commercial settings to improve the acoustic properties of a room while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing environment.


Auditorium, Recording Studio, Multiplex/Theatre, Home Theatre, Smart Classroom, Teleconferencing, and Videoconferencing Rooms, Multi-Purpose Rooms, Corporate Offices, and more.



We create well-equipped auditorium acoustics that will significantly enhance the quality of sound.


Smart Classroom

Reducing distraction to create a positive learning and teaching environment with acoustics.


Home Theatre

Through the use of our acoustic panels, we are able to create this ideal balance to improve clarity.


Multipurpose Hall

When more people fill the area and speech becomes unintelligible,  and the space needs acoustical support.


Recording Studio

Acoustic treatment improves the sound quality of the space for mixing or recording.


Conference Room

Board members will able to communicate with each other easily. This is possible with acoustic.


Acoustic room kits, are prepackaged sets of acoustic treatment products designed to improve the sound quality and acoustics of a room. These kits typically include a variety of acoustic panels, bass traps, diffusers, and other sound-absorbing or diffusing materials.

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