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Polyester Fibre Acoustic Panel | PET Panel

Polyester Fibre Eco Acoustic Panels - PET has come into the spotlight as a ‘go-to’ material that absorbs sound while offering a new palette for both visual and acoustic design.

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Polyester Fibre Acoustic Panels are made from PET plastic (Polyethylene Terephalate), which comes from recycled plastic water and soda bottles. As a sound absorption solution, PET offers high durability and elasticity.

PET is not only good for the planet and safe for your space, it’s exceptional for sound absorption while being flexible enough to allow the design of unique shapes, patterns and colours to be created 


Polyester Fibre Acoustic Panels are lighter in weight, easy to handle and install. Highly recommended by architects and interior designers as it helps to preserve the original room design even when retrofitting these acoustic panels to solve an acoustic problem.



Made from 100% polyester (80% PET-recycled fiber and 20% PET-virgin fiber) these polyester fibre eco acoustic panels are large sturdy sheets, yet soft to touch and are 100% recyclable. Polyester fibre eco acoustic panels can be trimmed and installed without the need for additional finishes. 


Polyester Fibre Eco Acoustic Panels are delivered as a finished, durable sheet, ready to install. They may be easily cut to size on-site for a custom fit or to create your own designs. It is a perfect material to apply on walls or ceilings to decrease the sound reverberation.


Polyester Fibre Eco Acoustic Panels offering a wide range of colors solutions including panels, tiles, partitions, and wall coverings, PET products create versatile options that meet the needs of various spaces within commercial and residential settings they can cover everything.

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Auditorium, Recording Studio, Multiplex/Theatre, Home Theatre, Smart Classroom, Teleconferencing, and Videoconferencing Rooms, Multi-Purpose Rooms, Corporate Offices, and more.



We create well-equipped auditorium acoustics that will significantly enhance the quality of sound.


Smart Classroom

Reducing distraction to create a positive learning and teaching environment with acoustics.


Home Theatre

Through the use of our acoustic panels, we are able to create this ideal balance to improve clarity.


Multipurpose Hall

When more people fill the area and speech becomes unintelligible,  and the space needs acoustical support.


Recording Studio

Acoustic treatment improves the sound quality of the space for mixing or recording.


Conference Room

Board members will able to communicate with each other easily. This is possible with acoustic.


Acoustic room kits, are prepackaged sets of acoustic treatment products designed to improve the sound quality and acoustics of a room. These kits typically include a variety of acoustic panels, bass traps, diffusers, and other sound-absorbing or diffusing materials.

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