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Wedge Acoustic Foam Panel

Acoustic Foam Panel is a great sound diffuser due to its Zig-Zag design. These panels are usually aligned in horizontal and vertical layout to diffuse maximum sound and achieve extra sound absorption.

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Acoustic Foam Panel is a high-performing sound absorber used to reduce echo and reverberation with a bold triangular wedge design. Use these acoustic foam panels to improve speech intelligibility and create visual designs in recording studios, home theaters, music rooms, and more.

Wedge Foam is available in 2’x 2′ sheets and in thicknesses of 2″, 3″ and 4″ in different colors. The linear design of the foam sheets allows you to align sheets together for a seamless look. They may also be rotated or offset to create unique designs. These acoustic foam panels are easily installed using a water-based construction adhesive.


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Acoustic Foam Panel is the best option for any applications great for treating on walls and ceiling in recording studios, control rooms, Offices home studios, home entertainment theaters, Home Offices. Our acoustic foam panels price is so affordable and these have the easiest installation. 

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Acoustic foams are cut in tiles with different profiles such as egg, pyramid, wedge, and square shapes depending on the application. They work not only to absorb sounds, but also to enhance the quality of sound and speech in a room. Dealing with both mid and high frequencies.


Acoustic foam is made from open cell polyurethane foam and available in stunning colors and textures like Purple and Burgundy, and the pyramid, wedge, and flat profiles look amazing aesthetically and naturally you may want to incorporate these to your home's interior or any environmental design.

Wedge Acoustic Foam Panel | Crisp and Clear Acoustics | Chennai | Bangalore | Hyderabad

Auditorium, Recording Studio, Multiplex/Theatre, Home Theatre, Smart Classroom, Teleconferencing, and Videoconferencing Rooms, Multi-Purpose Rooms, Corporate Offices, and more.

Auditorium Acoustic Treatment

We create well-equipped auditorium acoustics that will significantly enhance the quality of sound.

Smart Classroom Acoustic Treatment

Reducing distraction to create a positive learning and teaching environment with acoustics.

Home Theatre Acoustic Treatment

Through the use of our acoustic panels, we are able to create this ideal balance to improve clarity.

Multipurpose Hall Acoustic Treatment

When more people fill the area and speech becomes unintelligible,  and the space needs acoustical support.

Recording Studio Acoustic Treatment

Acoustic treatment improves the sound quality of the space for mixing or recording.

Smart Classroom Acoustic Treatment

Board members will able to communicate with each other easily. This is possible with acoustic.


Acoustic room kits, are prepackaged sets of acoustic treatment products designed to improve the sound quality and acoustics of a room. These kits typically include a variety of acoustic panels, bass traps, diffusers, and other sound-absorbing or diffusing materials.

Acoustic Room Kit | Crisp and Clear Acoustics | Chennai | Bangalore | Hyderabad

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